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Jamie Dempsey and Moosehead Marketing Solutions offer classroom and organization visits for MANY scholastic needs for all ages. Characters include: Dr. Seuss, farmer, “Polar Express”, Charlie Brown/ Charles Shultz, Boy Scout, Chef, and a variety of other historical and topical figures. We canpolarconductor2 also custom-build an experience to meet the needs of your school, church, or other organization.

A number of age-appropriate workshops are also available, supporting curriculum in many grades. These include “Mr. Science” and the “Rock Hound” (supports SKC S1, S2, S3 and SKE2) as well as older level workshops in creative writing, photography, drama and much more!


“YOUR success is OUR success!” 


  Call or email to discuss YOUR classroom needs!


           Pricing is reasonable, and often subsidized by the school, PTA, or parents.

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