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Many organizations, while they”FEEL” the direction they are going is right, don’t have a PLAN to look at when it comes time to make decisions. . . this often leads to them going in a direction that they may not have started out with, and they may still see success; however, more times than not it is not the outcome they originally began pursuing.

Because of this, Moosehead Marketing Solutions has created a three-tier approach to most of its client’s needs. This includes strategic planning, marketing planning and ongoing fulfillment.

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1) Strategic planning creates a litmus test, for everything a company does.  From how we treat customers, vendors, and what we do to find another customer.  Does a particular situation or opportunity support the agreed direction of the company?  If it does, then it is worth looking at; otherwise, move on.  By deciding goals, strategies, mission statement(s) etc, a company can focus its work.

2) Marketing planning, including outlines of campaigns, timetables, budget issues, etc. allows a company to organize and allocate time, finances and personnel resources toward the goal. It also keeps a company from “shooting from the hip” and hoping that the resources that are used work out.

3) Fulfillment is where Moosehead Marketing Solutions can be used as a source to ACCOMPLISH many of the tasks included in the marketing plan- this may include graphic design, web design, updates and hosting, printing, networking etc. By becoming a client’s “offsite marketing department”, utilizing staff, contractors, and outside vendors (print shops etc.) that are trusted and have proven to be reliable, we have found that we can often save clients both time and money compared to their trying to find them themselves.

Any or all of the above can be utilized in tandem with Moosehead Marketing Solutions to help a business to “plan the work and work the plan!”

Moosehead Marketing Solutions is active in several professional organizations as well, and can use these relationships to help network our clients’ companies. We and our parent company, Dempsey Management Services, Inc. are active in the East Side Chamber of  Commerce, Georgia Society of Association Executives (GSAE), the American Society (ASAE), the Society of Independent Show Organizers (SISO) and several other professional organizations that we can also leverage.


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